Let Me Breathe update 4/15/21

Almost 600 views in 2 days, #1 on Uvalde Radio top 25 list 2 weeks in a row and tomorrow I’ll find out if i go higher than our current #14 on the T3R! Y’all are blowing my mind with how much you love this tune.For those asking, i wrote this a few years ago when i finally pulled myself from a toxic relationship. Losing myself in a fallacy that what i had was love. When in reality it wasn’t, it was toxic and harsh and distorted the image i had of myself. I needed to end it so i could find myself, so i could breathe again. Those of you who have been reaching out with your stories about how you went through the same thing, makes my chest swell with pride for you overcoming that obstacle! I’m so thankful to have a song that lets us share the experience together and grow 💜